View of the Pillow Lab entrance at One Farrer Hotel

Pillow Lab

Our guests spend 6 to 10 hours per day resting on a pillow. As a primary point of contact, we endeavoured to improve the hygiene standards of our pillows through scientific research into material choices and cleaning processes.  With this goal in mind, One Farrer Hotel developed the Pillow Lab. It is equipped with an industry-leading Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Chamber for deep disinfection of guest room pillows between use - a safe and effective method that removes all pathogens, natural microbiota, molds, and yeasts without the use of water or harmful chemicals.

Interior of the Pillow Lab at One Farrer Hotel

UVC Chamber

The UVC Chamber accommodates a maximum of 54 pillows per load. The pillows are immersed in the sterile UVC environment by staff in personal protective equipment to ensure minimal contamination. Safety measures including protective eyewear and motion detectors ensure that there is no risk of harmful exposure to UVC rays.

Pillow Sanitization Service
Have your pillows sanitized in the Pillow Lab’s UVC Chamber without the use of water or chemicals.

Standard Service - $5.00 nett per pillow
Same Day Collection from 5:00pm. Cut off at 12:00pm.

Express Service - $10.00 nett per pillow
2-Hour Collection

A Product display in the Pillow Lab at One Farrer Hotel

Pillow Selection

What began as a labour of necessity to ensure the health and safety of our guests also unveiled opportunities to enhance comfort and quality of sleep. As such, we have a curated menu of pillows to suit the most exacting preferences in firmness and sleeping posture. Try our selection during your stay and speak to our staff if you like to make a purchase.