Interior of a Hotel Room with a city view at One Farrer Hotel


Luxury accommodation in Singapore

One Farrer Hotel presents an innovative range of accomodation concepts that cater to the varying needs of travellers.

Interior of The Mint room at One Farrer Hotel

Mint Room

Recharge in the serenity of our Mint Room, a calming hotel escape from the bustle of Singapore city.

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A Sofa bed & TV in The Mint Den Room at One Farrer Hotel

Mint Den

Retreat into the modern comfort of the Mint Den, which features a separate relaxation area, ideal for family with children, an additional guest or even single business traveller who enjoys having an exclusive space to wind down. 

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Interior of The Mint Suite Bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Mint Suite

Located at the East wing of the hotel, off a private lobby, the Mint Suites comprise of two separate rooms with panoramic views of Singapore's landscape.

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Interior of The Loft Apartment bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Loft Apartment

A comprehensive home-away-from home, the Loft Apartments at One Farrer Hotel are perfect for an extended stay in Singapore, offering expansive views of the urban skyline across two levels - with distinct areas for work, rest and relaxation.

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Interior of The Mint Premier Room at One Farrer Hotel

Mint Premier Room

Ensconced in warm hues of beige and wooden finishes, the Mint Premier Room is a breathtaking repose high above the bustle of urban life with stunning vistas of Singapore city skyline.

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Interior of The Mint Premier Suite at One Farrer Hotel

Mint Premier Suite

Exquisitely appointed with modern European-style furnishings, the Mint Premier Suite impresses with its beautiful interiors framed by sweeping metropolitan vistas of Singapore. 

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Interior of Skyline studio with a city view at One Farrer Hotel

Skyline Studio

Wake up to captivating views of the Lion City in this spacious haven. Sit back on the plush sofa in the extensive living area and take in the panoramas from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Skyline Studio.

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Interior of The Peony Villa bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Peony Villa

The traditional floral symbol of China, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honour. The elegant Peony Villa welcomes its residents with a well-poised, simple yet sublime white ceramic bowl. 

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Interior of The Lotus Villa Bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Lotus Villa

From the vintage Japanese Imari porcelain, Thai silk and antique Burmese lacquer accessories, to the Chinese bronzes and Singapore sculptures, one is embraced by the contemporary built on the ancient at the Lotus Villa.

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Interior of The Jasmine Villa bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Jasmine Villa

Upon entering the Jasmine Villa, one immediately experiences the sweet scent of the jasmine flower. At the same time, a visual burst of warm natural colours, found in hand-knotted carpet, artwork and accessories, creates a sensuous and vibrant environment. 

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Interior of The Orchid Villa bedroom at One Farrer Hotel

Orchid Villa

The perfect choice of flower to name this contemporary lifestyle space, the Orchid, being the iconic flower of our city-state Singapore, is portrayed in pure white. The stark black and white interior of this villa is excellent for displaying art and artefacts.

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Calla Lily The Presidential Villa Interior at One Farrer Hotel

Calla Lily, The Presidential Villa

Enter into exceptional enchanted space, one that reflects the ideal creation of a "total lifestyle environment". A conceptualised experience that intuitively entertains and entwines the senses with a combination of the ancient, the classical, moving into the modern, to the contemporary worlds of ART. LIFESTYLE. ENVIRONMENT.

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Wisteria Villa

Wisteria, a flower native to Japan, Korea and a handful of countries around the world is a symbol for romance, good luck and success. The cascading blooms add an elegant touch to weddings.

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Camellia Villa

Camellia, captivatingly fragrant, delicately layered with petals, the flower, prized for its beauty and purity, has been the inspiration behind haute couture fashion houses.


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Dahlia Villa

Dahlia, a flower synonymous with wealth and elegance, change and creativity. The vivid blooms are perfect for marking and celebrating the many milestones in life.


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