Saranggong Villas - Luxurious Sanctuary That Beckons

Saranggong Villas exemplify One Farrer Hotel’s innovative spirit in the way we create spaces that resonate with travellers celebrating milestones, anniversaries, weddings, looking for hybrid solutions, in-person meetings, personalized events, chef-driven dining offerings and a sanctuary that delights the mind, body and soul.

Every aspect of the Series architecture, is designed to invite travellers to experience an unparalleled hospitality and accommodation in the luxurious spaces.

Wisteria - Experiential

Wisteria, a flower native to Japan, Korea and a handful of countries around the world is a symbol for romance, good luck and success. The cascading blooms add an elegant touch to weddings and when gifted, encapsulates devotion.

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Camellia - Luxurious

Camellia, captivatingly fragrant, delicately layered with petals, the flower, prized for its beauty and purity, has been the inspiration behind haute couture fashion houses.

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Dahlia - Enchanting

Dahlia, a flower synonymous with wealth and elegance, change and creativity. The vivid blooms are perfect for marking and celebrating the many milestones in life.

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